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UPS Systems

UPS Systems

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Systems) provide continuous power in the event of a mains power outage. There are basic models employing line interactive technology with square wave inverters for basic workstations and fully featured online double conversion systems that provide a constant stable no-break output for more advanced applications. Sine-wave line interactive units provide a mid-range option. Systems are available that offer long runtimes with high capacity chargers as well as specialised systems for rugged and harsh environments.

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AC ReGenerators

AC ReGenerators

The AG Series of AC Power ReGenerators provide a low impedance, high quality stable power waveform at all times. Ideal for low noise applications such as Audio Visual and HiFi.

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The MAXIC range of inverter chargers come complete with solar charger input making them suitable for off grid as well as standard applications. Pure sine wave output and high capacity chargers.



Accessories designed to get power to where and how you need it. Rack rails, Power Distribution Units and cabling, network management cards, bypass switches and more.



The GATEWAY is an on-demand AC power source with wireless capability. It overcomes the problems of severe battery drain and dead systems in door access applications.

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The Willo is an integrated UPS, battery and customer equipment solution all housed in a secure outdoor rated cabinet. Capable of housing up to 6x 100Ah batteries the unit is ideal for remote sites where support may be hours away.

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Choosing Your UPS System

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What We Do

We prevent downtime and protect the systems of electrical equipment through a range of power protection devices including Uninterruptible Power Supplies, ReGenerators, Power Conditioners, Transfer Switches and Power Distribution Units.

Our expertise is in power protection - we don't sell anything else.

You can buy online directly from our webstore, or for trade enquiries open an account with us for additional discounts. We sell to OEMs, bundlers and resellers removing supply chain margins and offering competitvely priced high quality systems.

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EPOS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Small Footprint Uninterruptible Power Supplies.


iPower Modem DC Uninterruptible Power Supplies

DC Battery backed power supplies for modems and routers


Door Access Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Products for Door Access Motors


CCTV Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Long Runtime Solutions including remote and outdoor locations


Network / Telecom Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Extended Run Online units for 19inch racks


Computer Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Systems with shutdown capability for PC's and Workstations.


AV Uninterruptible Power Supplies

AC ReGenerators for low audible noise power protection.


Medical Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Online Systems for Laboratory Environments


Custom Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Custom Solutions