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iPower DC UPS – Does it have a transfer time? 29/11/2017 by Tony Bell - DC UPS and Transfer Times Following on from Klara V’s article on UPS Transfer Times I thought I’d expand on this with regard to DC UPS Systems. A DC UPS system works very much in the way that an online UPS works up to a point. That is, it takes incoming AC and converts this […]
Transfer time in UPS Transfer times in UPS – what are they and how will they affect my equipment? 23/11/2017 by Klara Valkounova - “What is transfer time in UPS?” The definition of transfer time, sometimes also called switchover time, says it is the amount of time a UPS will take to switch from utility to battery supply during a mains failure, or from battery to mains when normal power is restored. What this means is that when the […]
How to save energy this Christmas How to save energy during Christmas season 16/11/2017 by Klara Valkounova - With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it’s important to talk about energy usage during this jolly period. We all know that Christmas is the season of light, warmth and coziness. But with lots of Christmas lights comes the highly dreaded January energy bill. Here are some easy tips on how you can enjoy […]
SmartSys Telecom Rectifier What is a negative 48Vdc system? 15/9/2017 by Tony Bell - In telecommunication systems it is common to have a supply voltage of -48Vdc. What this means is that the positive terminal is grounded. But why 48V and why ground the positive end? Surely it would be more intuitive to ground the negative end? I’ll answer these questions in turn. Why 48Vdc? This is a trade […]
How to deal with power problems / virus Power Problems and How To Solve Them 18/8/2017 by Tony Bell - Power Problems Electricity is mainly generated by turning a large magnet through coils of wire. This induces a clean sinusoidal waveform that can be transmitted down cables, stepped up and down using transformers, to eventually find it’s way into our homes, offices and factories. Along the way, however, some power viruses can interfere with this […]
Battery Tips How to prevent premature UPS battery failure 25/7/2017 by Klara Valkounova -   Did you know that majority of UPS’s trouble shootings are battery related? Typical life span of UPS internal batteries ranges from 3 to 5 years; however this depends on numerous factors. Here are a few easy tips to ensure that you get the most out of your batteries and therefore your UPS system:   […]
Grade A Clearance Stock Grading Explained 14/7/2017 by Joe Hurdle - As part of the new web site launch, we’ve added a CLEARANCE section in our online store. The Clearance Deals includes products that usually are no longer manufactured, fully tested customer return, cosmetically damaged unit or just if we want to make room for new products. These items will stay in Clearance Deals until completely […]
Battery Service Taking care of your UPS – Battery Service 7/7/2017 by Klara Valkounova - Built in batteries in Uninterruptible Power Supplies are important part of the units – they keep the UPS functioning and provide runtime for your critical load. The majority of Uninterruptible Power Supplies use maintenance free, non-spillable sealed lead acid batteries. But even the highest quality battery comes to the end of it’s life one day. […]
Good Packaging Matters 30/6/2017 by Joe Hurdle - With more and more consumer spending being done online, it’s safe to say that we have all had to return something to a seller at one time or another. Whether the item you’ve received is damaged or just doesn’t meet you expectations, the process of returning your order is important. Shipping your items via a […]
Solar inverter farm Solar Inverter Chargers: Cost vs. Quality 23/6/2017 by Klara Valkounova - Our MAXIC1000 solar inverter charger is finally back in stock! For those of you who haven’t come across MAXICs before, the MAXIC1000 is a compact but powerful solar inverter/charger that combines functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer high quality power to your application. You may have noticed that there are quite a […]
Security Network Video Recorder UPS Network Video Recorder NVR Applications 16/6/2017 by Tony Bell - UPS for an Network Video Recorder (NVR) Clearly in security applications and where recording may be the only evidence of a crime, continuity of power is essential. A security guard may spot somebody on CCTV and raise an alarm, but the evidence is the recording itself. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides the continuity of […]
Pharmacy Fridge Pharmacy Fridge UPS Applications 12/6/2017 by Tony Bell - Why use a UPS on a Pharmacy Fridge? Unlike applications where sudden power loss causes data loss or other operational issues, power loss to a pharmacy fridge is not such of an issue since the internal temperature is well controlled. In the event of a power cut a solution is simply not to open the […]
Our new website Our New Website 24/5/2017 by Tony Bell - We’ve made some changes to our website. This is to more reflect the type of business that Power Inspired has evolved into, whilst maintaining the link to what got us here in the first place. We were the first company to open an online store exclusively for power protection products. Previously, you would have had […]
GPON ONT Router GPON ONT UPS Solution – The iPower 26/4/2017 by Tony Bell - The iPower is an ideal solution to enable the continuity of telephony services in the event of a power outage for GPON ONT devices.
Isolation Transformer. What you need to know 7/4/2017 by Tony Bell - With the upcoming launch of the Power Inspired TX Series. We look at the isolation transformer, when we may need to use it and how we should use this properly.
VFI6000BL New UPS for Long Run Time Applications 7/3/2017 by Tony Bell - Power Inspired's VFI6000BL, provides 5400W of power capability with a 6A charger on up to a 240V battery string for fast recharge of large battery banks
Fan speed Control AC ReGenerator Fan Speed Control 12/12/2016 by Tony Bell - We've made some changes to the AG fan speed adjustment control. It's now a simple push button instead of a POT adjustor or the spindle.
Ampere Hour Lead Acid Batteries 1/11/2016 by Tony Bell - Lead Acid Batteries are the ubiquitous form of energy storage for Uninterruptible Power Supplies due to the high power density that can be achieved, simple charge characteristics and non-spillable operation. In pluggable UPS systems the lead acid batteries are always maintenance free and sealed, e.g. they do not require topping up with distilled water. They […]
LCD screen Explanation of Buck and Boost in Line Interactive UPS Systems 18/10/2016 by Tony Bell - An explanation of the buck and boost points in line interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies. This article concentrates on the VIS2000B.
Headington Headington Youth Gain New Away Kit 30/9/2016 by Tony Bell - Power Inspired sponsor the Headington Youth U10 Away Kit
Case Study: 2.3KW 8 hour UPS Solution 13/9/2016 by Tony Bell - As well as standard configurations, Power Inspired can put together bespoke assemblies for long runtime solutions. Here we look at a 2300W load requiring 8 hours of back up, all delivered and installed.
VIX series New Range Of Low Cost UPS Systems – VIX series 26/7/2016 by Tony Bell - Power Inspired's new 'N' series of VIX Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide entry level power protection and battery back up at budget prices.
Power Cut Preparing for a Power Cut 23/6/2016 by Sukhi Bal - Help and advice on how to prepare for and what to do in the event of a power cut
Power Cut How to cope when there’s a Power Cut 9/6/2016 by Sukhi Bal - What to do when you have no power, no electricity and you have a power outage. A guide to cope when there's no electricity at work or at home. Simple FAQs and steps you can take to get through a power cut.
How to select correct UPS for door applications UPS vs Tubular Motor Cross Reference Guide 23/5/2016 by Tony Bell - A cross reference guide with details of power requirements of typical tubular motors and an appropriate UPS choice.
Power Inspired is 8 Power Inspired is 8! 15/4/2016 by Tony Bell - Today is our 8th Birthday!! Thanks to everybody who has helped us become the company we are today and will help us become the company we want to be tomorrow.
Paul Daniels Always Sad To Lose A Customer. My Memories of Paul Daniels. 16/3/2016 by Tony Bell - Magician Paul Daniels sadly died today. He was a customer of Power Inspired. Here's our memories of him.
Runtime The Big UPS System Misconception – Runtime. 10/2/2016 by Tony Bell - Find out the big misconception on UPS System runtime and what this means for your application
Maintenance Bypass Switch Beware Maintenance Bypass Switches. What you need to know. 9/2/2016 by Tony Bell - It is usually recommended that a hardwired UPS System be fitted with an external bypass switch to allow maintenance of the UPS without dropping load, but when used improperly not only can the load be lost, damage can result.
The easy way to choose ideal uninterruptible power supply The Easy Way To Choose Your Uninterruptible Power Supply 3/2/2016 by Tony Bell - A new and improved tool for selecting the ideal UPS System for your application. All you need is the power consumption of your system and how long you want it to run for in the event of a power cut.
iPower WIFI The Ideal Way To Keep Your Internet Running 29/1/2016 by Tony Bell - People with lap top computers, mobile phones and tablets never think of UPS Systems as they have their in-built battery backup. But what if the internet drops out. Here's what you can do.
double conversion Double Conversion UPS 30/11/2015 by Tony Bell - Online double conversion UPS Systems take AC and convert this to DC and back again to provide a stable, high quality power output.
Extended Run UPS Systems Extended Run UPS Systems 22/11/2015 by Tony Bell - Extended Run UPS Systems allow the runtime to be configurable by the addition of battery packs or a bespoke battery system.
Ampere Hour Ampere Hour 1/11/2015 by Tony Bell - An Ampere Hour rating is not the amount of current that can be drawn for 1 hour but rather the amount of current that can be drawn for 10 or 20 hours and scaled back.
How To Calculate How Long Your UPS System Will Run For 23/5/2015 by Tony Bell -   Well, we’re here again to answer the question of how long will a UPS actually last in the event of a power cut, but first, let’s clear up one of the biggest misconceptions… Runtime has nothing to do with the rating of the Uninterruptible Power Supply, but everything to do with the battery. Got […]
Uninterruptible Power Supplies 30/11/1999 by Tony Bell - Uninterruptible Power Supplies, description, types and applications