Discount Codes

From time to time we issue discount codes which can be of various formats and require certain criteria to be met for the code to be valid. Codes can be issued for a discount of a certain amount, a percentage of the total sales value, for specific products only, for a limited number of uses or for specific customers only. Codes will always have an expiry date. Please note that if a code has been generated in error or has been used in a manner that was not intended (for example a code issued to a specific individual) that we reserve the right to cancel any order placed using that code.

To use the code, you enter this on the discount code page during the checkout process, and so you can't use the discount code when using Checkout with PayPal - but you still can pay by PayPal.


1. Go to the Shopping Cart

2. If you're not logged in you will be taken to the login screen:

3. Log in, or create a new account.

4. Enter your shipping information and click continue. Add in any comments if you like.

5. Press Continue to be taken to the payment page. Select Credit / Debit card (not PayPal - you can pay by PayPal but only through the SagePay system for discount codes to work) as the means of payment and enter your discount code:

6. If the code is valid a tick will appear when you either tab out or select another item. If not, a cross will appear. Press continue.

7. You can see the discount has been applied, then press Confirm Order to go to your payment portal.