External SNMP Adpater

Kehua External SNMP Adapter

The package contains external SNMP adapter and SNMP View administration software. It allows full power management and control of the UPS over a network, allowing remote monitoring and management via the internet.

The SNMP Adapter transforms UPS information from the RS232 interface into a message readable by the SNMP MIB specification and transmits these to the related NMS( net management station). The Net manager can then react on abnormal power status against the message transmitted from UPS. HTTP compatible, you can visit the UPS on internet by normal browser i.e. Netscape, Microsoft internet explorer.

SNMP View is a power monitoring and administration software on UPS remote running status and designed for Windows series internet operation system.

1. Supported operation systems:
HP Open View; SUN SunNet Manager; Novell NMS; IBM Netview; Accton Accview
Other SNMP Conpliant NMSs

2. Function features:
- UPS running message remote display and record.
- UPS alarming message and remote notice.
- UPS remote On/Off
- Automatic alarming
- E-mail notification



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