FR-20H 2KVA Outdoor Uninterruptible Power Supply

FR-H Series

The FR-H are online double conversion UPS designed to operate effectively in an outdoor environment.

The wide operating temperature makes the systems suitable for all but the most extreme of environments. The systems are protected against temperature, humidity, dust, mould and corrosion.

The double conversion technology and of course, sinewave inverter, ensure the systems provide the highest levels of power protection, to the load, and of course, due to the increased risk of damage by lightning, all inputs to the UPS are extra protected against surge currents.

The IP56 rated cabinet gives plenty of room for a large battery - typically 100Ah to protect against prolonged outages. The UPS also has the capability to shed load as the available battery power starts to decline. The large charger ensures that the system is recharged quickly when the mains power returns.

Available in 1, 2 and 3KVA modules, the FR-H series is your only sensible choice for outdoor UPS applications.

Can be supplied with or without environmental cabinet






Output capacity

1000 VA/700 W

2000 VA/1400 W

3000 VA/2100 W

AC input

Number of phases

Single-phase three-wire (L/N/PE)

Rated voltage

220 VAC

Voltage range

150Vac ~310Vac

Frequency range

45 Hz ~ 55 Hz

Frequency synchronization

Keeps synchronous with the frequency of generator

Automatic startup

The system will start up automatically in battery protection mode after mains supply recovers.

DC input

DC Voltage

72 VDC


Under-voltage alarm for battery

Communication port sends out battery under-voltage signal.


§         Automatic constant current and voltage limiting

Charging current: 5 A
Floating charging voltage: (81.5 ± 0.5) VDC

Charging time

The charger can charge the battery to 90% of its capacity in 20 hours (battery capacity is 100 Ah).

AC output

Output voltage

220 VAC ± 2%

Output frequency

Keeps synchronous with the frequency of mains supply when mains supply is working normally.
The frequency is 49.5 Hz ~ 50.5 Hz when the system is powered by battery for mains supply is abnormal.


Sine wave

Degree of voltage distortion

≤ 3% (with linear load), ≤ 6% (with non-linear load)

Power factor


Switching time in case of mains failure

0 ms

Overload capability

Load > 120% of full load, duration time: 60 s
Load > 150% of full load, duration time: 20 ms

Output connector

Connector bar

Standby time


Communication port

Supports RS232, RS485 and dry contact

Protection function

Battery under-voltage protection
Overload protection
Over-heating protection
Short-circuit protection
Output over-voltage protection

Display on panel

LED displays the system operation status (mains supply, inverter, battery under-voltage, fault).

Alarm function

Mains failure alarm
Battery under-voltage alarm
Overload alarm
UPS fault alarm

Audible noise

< 60 dB (1 m)

Lightningproof protection

Complies with D-grade lightningproof standard

Cooling method

Air cooling


Operating temperature

-20 °C ~ +55 °C

Storage temperature

-25 °C ~ +55 °C (without battery)

Relative humidity

0 ~ 95%, non condensing


≤ 3000 m


Dimension (mm) (H × W × D)



Weight (kg)




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