LCD Display

LCD Display on an Uninterruptible Power Supply

The LCD display is useful for establishing Uninterruptible Power Supply status. For some configurable systems, such as the VFI range, it is essential for altering the UPS settings, however some of our systems do not have an LCD screen at all and rely on LEDs to relay UPS status.

A Typical LCD would have information such as input voltage, output voltage a load indicator, a battery indicator and some status icons - eg to indicate on battery, low battery or a fault.

The VFI series also includes information on fan speeds and also the UPS input or output frequency. Our rackmount Uninterruptible Power Supplies also can have the screen rotated by 90 degrees in case they're being installed in an upright position. On the KR series the LCD housing is rotated and on the VFI series this is done electronically.

VIX3000 Series


The VIX3000 series LCD (on VIX3100 and larger) gives information on Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Battery charge level, output load level and icons for battery mode, low battery, utility normal, UPS System fault and an overload indicator. In addition, if the utility normal icon should flash, this indicates the unit is in buck or boost mode. The load and battery level indicators are in graphical form with each "bar" representing approximately 25% of capacity.

VIS-B Series

VIS-B Uninterruptible Power Supply LCD

The VIS-B has similar information to the VIX3000 series. The load and  battery level indicators are in graphical form in a sweeping arc consisting of 4 bars each representing approximately 25% of capacity.

VFI Series

The VFI series has more parameters to monitor and more configurable options and hence the LCD display is far more complex than the VIX or VIS series.

VFI Uninterruptible Power Supply LCD 1This section of the LCD displays a variety of data. Here it is showing output voltage and frequency, but can also display input voltage and frequency as well as information on load, temperature and battery.

VFI Uninterruptible Power Supply LCD 2This section displays the capacity of the load (top) and battery (bottom). Every pane represents 20% capacity. As the graphics show, the capacity of the battery is 40% to 60% ( 3 panes), and the load 40% to 60% (3 panes). When the UPS system is overloaded, the icon will flash, when battery is weak or disconnected, the icon will also flash

VFI Uninterruptible Power Supply LCD 3This section displays if the fan works normally. When the fan is within parameters it will show the dynamic fan blades rotating. If the UPS detects an abnormality with fan operation, the icon will flash.

VFI Uninterruptible Power Supply LCD 4This section displays the status of the charger.  When charger works normally, the icon will vary dynamically and orderly. When charger is abnormal, the icon will flash. When the UPS is in battery mode, the number of the icons of the charger-state section will vary according to the remaining capacity of the battery.

As well as the information presented above, the LCD is also used for programming the UPS system parameters. These include ECO mode, Bypass enable/disable, transfer parameters, frequency converter mode, number of battery packs and output segment shutdown.