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We've put together this kit so you have everything you need for your long runtime solution. Based on the MAXIC5000 this will provide protection for up to 4KW loads, providing over 3 hours of runtime at full load and over a full day at 800W.

Ideal for ensuring circuits are provided with power in the event of extended outages.

The system comprises:

  • MAXIC5000 4KW Inverter Charger
  • B16 Cabinet
  • Long Life Deep Cycle batteries x16
  • Circuit Breaker
  • DC Cabling
  • Remote Panel

Typical Runtime figures

Average Load Runtime
400W 63 hours
800W 25 hours
1200W 15 hours
1600W 10 hours
2000W 7 hours
2400W 6 hours
2800W 5 hours
3200W 4 hours
3600W 3½ hours
4000W 3 hours

For a complete off grid solution the MAXIC5000 can be connected to a solar array to recharge the batteries during the day. We don't supply solar panels as every installation is different and you will need to consult a solar installer for advice. Please refer to the specification of the MAXIC5000 for solar panel requirements.
The package is sent out as a kit and requires on site assembly and professional installation by suitable qualified electricians.
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