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GPON-ONT UPS Solution - The iPower

By Tony Bell 27 April 2017
The iPower is an ideal solution to enable the continuity of telephony services in the event of a pow...

Isolation Transformers. What you need to know

7 April 2017
With the upcoming launch of the Power Inspired TX Series. We look at the isolation transformer, when...

New UPS for Long Run Time Applications

By Tony Bell 7 March 2017
Power Inspired's VFI6000BL, provides 5400W of power capability with a 6A charger on up to a 240V bat...

AC ReGenerator Fan Speed Control

By Tony Bell 25 October 2016
We've made some changes to the AG fan speed adjustment control. It's now a simple push button instea...

Explanation of Buck and Boost in Line Interactive UPS Systems

By Tony Bell 19 October 2016
An explanation of the buck and boost points in line interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Thi...