TX Series Isolated UPS Systems

TX Series. Isolated UPS Systems

The TX Series are isolated UPS Systems, incorporating isolation transformers providing the highest degrees of power protection. Suitable for use in the harshest of electrical environments the TX Series ensures that attached loads are provided with stable, pure power at all times.

To avoid voltage regulation issues, and to provide additional protection, the unit is isolated on it’s input. This means the load is connected to the UPS output which is stable regardless of any current surges that the load may demand.

The high power factor of 0.9 means the systems are capable of supporting high powered loads without having to oversize. Available in 1000VA/900W, 3000VA/2700W, 6000VA/5400W and 10KVA/9KW models.

The units are fully configurable through the front panel LCD. As well as output voltage adjustment, the battery charging current can also be adjusted. This allows high capacity battery packs to be added as well as prolonging internal battery life by reducing the current limit.

Modes of operation are consistent throughout the range, ensuring user knowledge is consistent, regardless if using the units on a small benchtop system or a large laboratory analyser.

Being of online double conversion topology the units provide protection against the 9 main causes of power problems. With the addition of a full isolation transformer the units include protection against the largest surges and also provide added safety for when use in water based systems is required.