Warranty Information

Power Inspired warranty periods and terms are comparable with others in the UPS industry. Warranty extension is also available on selected models which will be detailed in the product description page.

Power Inspired UPS warrants each new product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a product dependent period beginning from the date of invoice unless otherwise arranged. If no warranty period is specified then a 12 month warranty will apply, or contact us for clarification. Warranty period is shown on the "Further Information" box on the product information page.

Inside the UK the standard warranty covers non-consumable parts and labour, when operated inside our published and operational guidelines. Batteries are treated as consumable parts and are covered for one year by the relevant battery manufacturer's warranty. The warranty of any UPS accessory matches that of the UPS it is installed with.

Outside the UK, the standard warranty period for all products is one year, return to base and covers non-consumable parts and labour only.

Our UPS, unless stated, will use sealed lead acid batteries which will naturally degrade over time, the number of cycles that the batteries have been subjected to and the temperature in which the unit has been operated and / or stored. A reduction in available runtime is a natural consequence and not considered a warranty issue.

You must install and use the equipment in accordance with the product manual in order for the warranty to be valid.

Out of box failures, are covered by our Dead On Arrival Guarantee which is valid for 7 days after product shipment. After which you must contact us to arrange return of the product to us as detailed in the RMA procedure.

Warranty information as detailed on this website, is only valid for goods purchased through this website and may not be the same for products purchased elsewhere. We may enter into specific agreements regarding the warranty conditions (eg period and returns process) on a customer by customer basis, and these conditions will be detailed in the contract of sale.

Products sold through other channels, for example resellers and bundlers or from other online stores e.g. eBay will be subject to the terms detailed by those parties and/or websites - even if Power Inspired are supplying the goods directly.