Website Help

This information page is no longer current and is provided for reference only.

How To Use Search

You can search for any live product or document on our website by entering the search term in the search box on the web page header (it's on every page). You will then be directed to the search result page where you will be shown matching products, categories and documents. 

For example, if the site had a product called "Widget100" in a products category called "Widgets" and a information page called "How To Choose a Widget", these would all appear when you search for "Widget".

If there was a product called the "Widget50" which is obsolete, this would not appear in the search results. However, in order to check details of obsolete products you can retrieve the product listing by clicking on "Advanced Search" from the search results page breadcrumb. Enter "Widget50" in the search bar and make sure the "Include Obsolete Products" checkbox is ticked.

Product Listing Page

Each product has a product listing page which gives general information on a product. Links may be available for additional information and if not included in the listing these are under icons under the product name. These are:

[glyphicon-question-sign] This is a link to Frequently Asked Questions regarding this product or range.

[glyphicon-info-sign] A link to the product datasheet or brochure.

[glyphicon-book] A link to the product manual or instruction sheet.

The datasheet and manual links will open a pdf document in a new browser window on first press. Further links will open in the same window.