Wiilo is a fully integrated power solution, designed for outdoor use, but can be used in any application where long runtimes and secure battery and cable management are required. Typical applications are Wireless ISPs, Security, Telecoms.

The system comprises a 3 tier cabinet. The lowest tier houses the batteries. Typically 3x100Ah blocks. The middle tier houses customer equipment (the unit is wide enough to house 19in rack equipment), or can be used to house a further set of 3 batteries, for a total of 12V 600Ah. The upper tier houses the 1KVA/700W UPS System, behind a door that also contains the power distribution panel.

A built in fan activates if the internal temperature becomes too high, and the robust construction ensures that the internal heat generated prevents the cabinet, and hence batteries, becoming too cold.

The cabinet is secure with a lockable door and can be bolted down. Skids also raise the cabinet off the floor to prevent water ingress and also aid with positioning.

Willo integrated back up power cabinet, complete with power distribution and backup power. Configurable for off-grid solar and wind systems as well as utility power. IP45 rated cabinet, integrated cooling fan. Vented 3 tier enclosure. Space for up to 6x 12V 100Ah batteries.


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Willo Integrated IP45 Cab 700W 36V 200Ah

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