39 Points at Team Meeting

39 Points at Team Meeting

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Every morning at 10:30 we gather the team together for a morning meeting. It just so happens to coincide when PopMaster is on Radio2 so we generally listen to that instead of me. [Customers please note, we love your calls but we’d appreciate if you could wait until after the quiz.]

I’m delighted to report that this morning, for the first time ever, we gained a clean sweep of 39 points!!! We also got the 3 in 10 to boot!

Well done team!

I’m shocked to say I knew The Reynolds Girls would rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac and where did Sukhi dig out Midnight Oil from?

It’s not always gone so well. Sometimes despite our best efforts we can walk away with zero. Especially if the bonus is about Eurovision (which it seems to be an option quite often). So I’ve implemented a revised scoring system for such days. This involves

  • a point for guessing the same set of bonus questions as the contestant. Which of course we’ll get as we’ll make sure both options are chosen.
  • points for the same wrong answer.
  • double points for being one year out which is then doubled again if it is the same wrong answer.
  • bonus point for being over a decade out.
  • adding the points gained from both rounds together.

Our rules allow where there’s a multiple choice we all choose a different answer, to which we’re guaranteed to get it right but also have the benefit of same wrong answer bonus if the contestant gets it wrong. We’re also allowed to average the years shouted out to get the right answer.

There’s also bonus points of various amounts usually in the 30point+ mark awarded for giving a correct answer before the question, and for guessing a correct question on the bonus topic.

But we didn’t need it today – well done Team Power Inspired!

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