AG1500S ReGen Hi-Fi World Review September 2018

AG1500S ReGen Hi-Fi World Review September 2018

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Just picked up the September issue of HI-FI WORLD Magazine that features a review of our AG1500S ReGen. When it comes to product reviews, Hi-Fi World state: “To ensure the upmost accuracy in our product reviews, Hi-Fi World has extremely comprehensive in-house test facilities, and our test equipment – from big names like Rohde & Schwarz and Hewlett Packard – is amongst the most advanced in the world… …No other UK hi-fi magazine has in-house testing, and none has access to such advanced tests across all types of equipment. That’s why you can depend on Hi-Fi World reviews“. So you can be sure that this is a properly conducted an independent review.

We’ve had great feedback on our previous model of ReGens, the AG500 and AG1500, so were delighted when Hi-Fi World asked if they could take a look at one to get a truly independent viewpoint. However, this was just as the AG1500S was on the horizon so there was a little delay until we could get one of the very first production units to them.

So what did they say?

Hi-Fi World Summary of REview on the AG1500S ReGenWell I’m pleased to report that Noel Keywood did a pretty thorough job of putting the ReGen through it’s paces and gave it an “Excellent” marking. with the conclusion “It cleans the mains as claimed, to below 1% distortion and removes noise too, our measurements showed, usefully improving sound quality. It may look a bit industrial, but the AG1500S has massive ability at a good price.

For the full review please refer to Hi-Fi World to purchase the magazine.


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