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Keeping Control of Your Access

Having a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), or Battery Back Up (BBU) can be vital for your door access applications. They can enable you to maintain control, and access, of powered enclosures in the event of a mains failure. A UPS or BBU system would be highly recommended when the door access has only one entry/exit point.

Whether the need is to access commercial buildings, gated facilities or residential properties, our units are designed for a reliable power solution. Keeping the units small allows for the UPS to be neatly stored away without taking up much room. Sine-wave systems are usually recommended due to the fact the systems have a motor. That said, we’ve been supplying square wave systems to a number of suppliers and installers for many years now without issue.

The Gateway : Power On-demand

UPS support isn’t what is always required however, which is why we’ve introduced the Gateway. The Gateway is a BBU, offering power on-demand. These are small, robust AC power sources for door access applications that can extend the available power to days, weeks and even months. Truly offering power when it is most needed. The Gateway is available in either a 1KVA or 2KVA model capacity. This is well suited to most single phase door access motors.

More Information

The Gateway is just one of the systems we offer to allow continuous power. We have a number of other units, including single phase, three phase plus lithium batteries. Our full range of systems cover most mains failure scenarios. Alternatively you can also visit our store to see the specification and technical details of all our units.

If you are interested you can learn more about UPS systems and how they work. Why not take a look at our Knowledgebase blog posts. See what you can learn.

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