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EPOS UPS Systems

An Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) system is functionally a dedicated computer system with touch screen and perhaps a few accessories such as scales, barcode scanners etc. Like any other computer system they have a fairly robust tolerance to mains fluctuations but no protection against power cuts no matter how fleeting. As a result any momentary loss of power will shut down the system losing any data currently being processed. Not only is this problematic for operation of the business it is inconvenient for the customer. Even if the power returns quickly, the system will need to reboot and resynch with the main server, by which time the customer may choose to go elsewhere.

EPOS systems are generally low powered and being computer based operate with a Switched Mode Power Supply. This makes square wave systems suitable especially where backup is only required to cover for short duration power blackouts and voltage spikes.

Space is also at a premium where any EPOS UPS has to be located.

The VIX3065+ is the go-to product for EPOS with thousands installed in stores throughout the United Kingdom. It is small and compact and simple to connect and operate. The unit provides protection against brown outs, spikes, surges and of course power cuts. For lower whole life costs and those applications where space really is at a premium consider the VXW range of offline, wall mounted Lithium Ion UPS Systems