UPS Application Computer Rooms

Networking and IT

Information Technology is critical to practically all businesses. Sure, there are different levels of scales from a single router to a server rack cabinet, a full computer suite or a Tier IV datacentre. Even standalone workstations for sole traders are critical stores of data.

The choice of UPS for IT depends upon the complexity of the system and the desired features. For protection of NTE Equipment the iPower is a great choice, simply replacing the supplied power supply.

Simple workstations can be protected with the VIX3000+ series UPS. These systems provide SMPS compatible inverters with IEC connections and a HiD compatible USB interface for communicating with the O/S power management directly.

Moving up to individual servers and server racks, the need for the highest levels of protection becomes apparent. Online double conversion technology provides this. The VFI-RT+ series is based on this technology and also includes advanced features, such as extended run, load shed and an intelligent port for advanced communications via SNMP.

Computer rooms can be either single phase where the VFI6K-RT+, or VFI10K-RT+ can be hardwired in, even paralleled together to achieve redundancy. For three phase sites the EZ UPS system covers requirements up to 30KVA and is a simple push into place, wire up system. It’s comprehensive LCD menu allows for superb site diagnostics.

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