The retail environment typically consists of several EPOS terminals all networked to a back office server. The back office server may then be connected through a Wide Area Network to a head office. Not only does the head office wish to know takings for the day, but what has been sold, allowing stock replenishes to be organised for the following day. A break in power may result, not only in loss of data, but the inability to complete customer transactions and the inability to send transaction logs to the head office. Clearly it is necessary to protect all systems from power interruptions.

Some sites opt to install a high powered UPS to power a dedicated circuit which provides power to both the back office server and EPOS terminals. A large VFI-RT+ UPS System with the option of additional battery packs will ensure seamless operation even in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Other sites opt to protect the back office server separately and protect the tills independently with a low cost EPOS UPS system. With the back office server being considered critical in many retail applications a pluggable high grade VFI1500RT+ or VFI3000RT+ would be recommended.

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