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Happy Birthday Power Inspired

Can airplanes run on battery? What is “Hulk of UPSs”? Is ECO mode really that beneficial for you? And Power Inspired is 10! Find out more in April’s newsletter HERE.

March newsletter

March newsletter is here are it’s bringing important news from the UPS world. Read our March newsletter HERE.

February 2018 newsletter

How to connect additional battery pack to your UPS; what unit is suitable for critical medical and laboratory equipment, and which inverter choice is best for your requirements?  Find out in our Fabulous February newsletter. READ HERE.


January newsletter

In first newsletter of 2018 we will talk about transfer times in UPSs, Nm to Watt conversions and everybody’s favourite – Tech Toys. READ HERE.


December newsletter 2017

December newsletter is here and it is jam-packed with content about power protection, renewable energy, product information, and of course – Christmas topics! READ HERE 


November newsletter

November newsletter brings an article about the highly controversial energy cap, important information about new product ideal for Telecoms and much more. READ HERE 


October newsletter

In October newsletter we look at renewable energy situation in the UK, introduce a new load bank calculator and explain why you should be aware of “Energy Vampires”. READ HERE


September newsletter

In September’s newsletter we will discuss the threat of Artificial Intelligence to humanity, which products audiophiles swear by and more. READ HERE


August newsletter

A gust of news about futuristic motor technology, UPS systems, tips how to prevent battery failure and more! READ HERE 


July newsletter

Welcome to our newsletter where we share our important news succinctly with you. The month of July is named after Julius Caesar, one of his most well known quotes Veni, vidi, vici is translated as I came, I saw, I conquered. READ HERE

June newsletter

Chill out this baking June with our newsletter- this month we will explain which UPS solution is the best for fridge applications, introduce a new product range and share couple of topical jokes. READ HERE


May newsletter

May newsletter be with you this May – what are the perks of a pure Sinewave UPS system? What UPS solution is suitable for a GPON-ONTs? And is it worth buying a bargain UPS system? READ HERE


april newsletter

Important news, articles, product information egg’Cetera in April’s Easter Newsletter. READ HERE


March 2017 newsletter

As the days get noticeably longer, March brings Mother’s Day (don’t forget) and Year End (how can we forget).  READ HERE

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