Kehua UPS Chosen for Critical Industrial Application

Kehua UPS in Petrochemi installation

KEHUA TECH provides high-reliability power solutions for the largest 173 million yuan (about 23 billion euros) global refining project. Providing a complete industrial grade high-reliability power protection solution for key loads of Zhejiang Petrochemical Industry co., ltd’s 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project.

FR-UK Industrial Grade UPS

Including more than 200 sets (10-120kVA) of industrial grade UPSs and more than 70 sets (10- 100kVA) EPSs. This refining and chemical integration project is located in Yushan Island, Zhoushan. It is currently the largest single-investment industry in the world and the largest refining and chemical integration project under construction worldwide, with a total area of 1307.9 hectares, equivalent to more than 1,300 football fields.

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