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Many moons ago we blogged about BS8418:2010 (Installation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems, Code of Practice) and the requirements for UPS Systems. That standard stated:

Unless the mains power supply is supplemented with a stand-by generator, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) must be able to power the CCTV control equipment and communications devices for a minimum of 4 hours after mains power failure. Where the mains power is supplemented by a stand-by generator, the UPS needs to be capable of providing stand-by power for a minimum of 30 minutes after mains power failure (for example if the stand-by generator does not start).

The 2015 revision relaxed this somewhat, allowing for a documented threat assessment and risk analysis to determine whether a UPS is required or not. That said, it is difficult to state how any threats or risks are mitigated against a loss of power without a UPS, so the requirement for UPS Systems is likely still to remain in BS8418:2015 installations.

If a UPS is used as the “alternative power source” then this has been changed from a 4 hour requirement to a 30minute requirement when supporting control equipment and data transmission devices. However the standby power capability for the detectors and semi-wired detectors remains at 4hours.

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