Kehua UPS Chosen for Critical Industrial Application

Kehua UPS in Petrochemi installation

KEHUA TECH provides high-reliability power solutions for the largest 173 million yuan (about 23 billion euros) global refining project. Providing a complete industrial grade high-reliability power protection solution for key loads of Zhejiang Petrochemical Industry co., ltd’s 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project.

FR-UK Industrial Grade UPS

Including more than 200 sets (10-120kVA) of industrial grade UPSs and more than 70 sets (10- 100kVA) EPSs. This refining and chemical integration project is located in Yushan Island, Zhoushan. It is currently the largest single-investment industry in the world and the largest refining and chemical integration project under construction worldwide, with a total area of 1307.9 hectares, equivalent to more than 1,300 football fields.

Contact Power Inspired for further details of Kehua Industrial Applications.

Treat Your HiFi This Christmas

Get 10% off the ReGen this Xmas

What does your HiFi want to eat this Christmas?

Go on! Spoil your HiFi this Christmas by powering it from the AG1500S AC Power ReGenerator.

At Christmas we spoil ourselves with the best food and drink available. Well, electricity is your HiFi’s food – so while you’re tucking into your top nosh ensure your system receives nothing but the best as well. The AG1500S provides a nigh on perfect 230V voltage source. And unlike your food, this output won’t go cold, curdle or spoil. You’ll get 230V fixed – any time day or night without change.

The harmonic distortion of the output waveform is almost as pure a sinewave as you can get with a typical distortion of under 1% – that is 8 times better than what the standards call “pure”. Top Quality food indeed!

Rated “Excellent – Extremely Capable” by HiFi World Magazine and also of high value. Well this Christmas the AG1500S is unbelievable value with a 10% discount valid this festive season!

Get 10% Off

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Important Info

If your system has a slightly different palette, you can change the menu on the AG1500S to European (220V) or UK (240V).

♫  Code expires on January 2nd 2019. Last Orders for Christmas Delivery is noon on December 21st. Orders received after this date will be shipped in January 2019.

This Is The Age Of The Lithium UPS

This Is The Age Of The Lithium UPS

Introducing the new range of KR-RM-LI series UPS, true online double conversion UPS Systems with internal Lithium Ion batteries. Welcome to the new age for UPS.

UPS have traditionally used valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries for energy storage. They are relatively cheap, easy to install and maintain and have a reasonably good energy density. They’ve been the technology of choice for decades now.

However, they do have drawbacks. Probably the biggest of which is heat. The expected life from a lead acid battery diminishes once the temperature exceeds 25°C and this deterioration becomes much more rapid above 30°C.

Damaged Battery

Secondly, like all rechargeable batteries, they have only so many charge/discharge cycles in them. Typically this is 200-300. This is usually more than enough for average use. However if the batteries are called into use daily, then you will find that the batteries are shot in under a year.

Thirdly, they only have a fixed life in any case. This is referred to as the “design life”, and is normally quoted as 5-year or 10-year. However this is assuming the batteries are subject to perfect environment, hardly cycled and continuously float charged. Usually you can expect battery life to be 2-3 years in good conditions and less if the environment becomes warm.

Lastly, although the energy density is reasonable, they are in fact quite heavy. A typical UPS battery block of 12V 9Ah weighs 2.5kg. For a typical 3KVA UPS with a 72V string, this is 18kg of weight just for the battery.

Introducing the New Age of Lithium UPS

Lithium Ion batteries are now ubiquitous in our world. They power everything from smart phones to laptop computers and now even cars. Although there has been a few scares with safety, given the sheer number of batteries out there, the problems have been in fact an extremely small percentage. Notwithstanding that, the safety protocols that are required to be in place now mitigate many of these issues. 

Lithium Ion Battery in UPS

Each battery pack is made up of an number of individual cells. Each cell is produced to high quality standards, and electronic circuits monitor the pack to ensure balance in both charge and recharge in each cell. Signs of thermal runaway cause the pack to be disconnected from source power before any external damage can be caused.

So why use Lithium in UPS

Lithium offers some very compelling advantages over lead acid.

Temperature. Lithium is not affected by temperature in the same way as lead acid.  In fact, our UPS can operate in environments up to 60°C without damage to the lithium battery. This is a clear advantage for Lithium UPS where warm environments may be experienced.

Power Density. Did you know Lithium is the lightest metal? It is item number 3 in the Periodic Table of Elements after Hydrogen and Helium. As a result we can cram in  more battery capacity into our KR-RM-LI Lithium UPS than we could possible hope to achieve with lead acid. Each of our models, 1,2 and 3KVA contain 10Ah batteries of 24V, 48V and 72V and provide 11 minutes of runtime at full load. All in a 2U chassis, and not only that – our 3KVA model weighs only 16Kg. To put into perspective the equivalent 3KVA lead acid provides 3minutes of runtime and weighs 32kg! If you wanted to match the Lithium UPS you would need to add a battery pack making a 4U solution weighing 75kg!

Battery Life. The Lithium battery is good for well over 1000 cycles, meaning that you can charge and discharge it every day for about 3 years before you started to see a degradation in performance. It’s service life is 8years with a typical 10 year life.


Lithium UPS, with the higher power density, gives more runtime in a smaller footprint than the lead acid. This may be a good reason to elect for Lithium, however, if you have the room you could opt for additional battery packs with lead acid. However, when you consider you can get three times the runtime for a third of the weight and rackspace than with lead acid, then the Lithium case again starts to become compelling.

The Lithium UPS is of course more expensive than lead acid, but that is just the up-front cost. Taking a whole-life-cost approach you will find, as some of our customers will testify, the Lithium UPS makes financial sense when protecting an investment which has to last 5 years or more. Being fully guaranteed -including the battery – means there is no need to be concerned with scheduling in a battery replacement midway – or even several times – throughout the equipment life span.

If warm temperatures are expected, perhaps due to restricted ventilation- not just hot summer days- then Lithium really is your only option unless you’re happy to swap out the buckled lead acid blocks. If you’re bundling UPS with equipment to go on a customer site, then Lithium will ensure that you won’t have battery problems down the line.


Finally, there’s a lot of misconceptions about being able to ship Lithium units by air. There are certain guidelines you need to have, and all our units are correctly labelled to allow to be sent by air, so there is no need to discount Lithium for transportation reasons.

Christmas Shutdown

Christmas Holly

Christmas Shutdown 2018

We will be closing for Christmas on Friday 21 December and reopening on Wednesday 2 January 2019.

Any orders received during Christmas will be processed immediately upon our return.

Emails will be monitored for any urgent requirements. Please email:

For technical queries: 

For sales enquiries or orders:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

UPS Runtime API Released. Register Now.

UPS Runtime API Code

Our bespoke UPS Selector is an extremely useful tool in correctly selecting a UPS. In order to assist our customers in selecting the UPS within their quote tools we have opened up the UPS Runtime API (Application Programming Interface).  This is a powerful tool that can select a UPS meeting runtime criteria, or calculate the runtime for a particular UPS. The request can be filtered to only include certain model types, or to exclude certain model types or models. This allows the request to be dynamically filtered based on requirements. This is useful where only particular model types are offered or certain features are required. It also includes the new Lithium Battery UPS Systems.

The API can be added into a quote tool or website and requires JavaScript integration. The API is queried with a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) request and a JSON object is returned containing the results of the query. Registration with Power Inspired is necessary as the calculation is performed on our servers. In order to comply with the requirements for Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) guidelines the server will only accept requests from pre-approved domains.

UPDATE: We’ve also used the API for our own UPS Selector Tool.

There is a comprehensive readme file available and the example by the author.

Did you know we can also tailor the default request to your individual requirements? Just let us know which models you want the API to return and we can auto-filter it for you.

Request Access to the UPS Runtime API by Completing the following form:


39 Points at Team Meeting

Ken Bruce

Every morning at 10:30 we gather the team together for a morning meeting. It just so happens to coincide when PopMaster is on Radio2 so we generally listen to that instead of me. [Customers please note, we love your calls but we’d appreciate if you could wait until after the quiz.]

I’m delighted to report that this morning, for the first time ever, we gained a clean sweep of 39 points!!! We also got the 3 in 10 to boot!

Well done team!

I’m shocked to say I knew The Reynolds Girls would rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac and where did Sukhi dig out Midnight Oil from?

It’s not always gone so well. Sometimes despite our best efforts we can walk away with zero. Especially if the bonus is about Eurovision (which it seems to be an option quite often). So I’ve implemented a revised scoring system for such days. This involves

  • a point for guessing the same set of bonus questions as the contestant. Which of course we’ll get as we’ll make sure both options are chosen.
  • points for the same wrong answer.
  • double points for being one year out which is then doubled again if it is the same wrong answer.
  • bonus point for being over a decade out.
  • adding the points gained from both rounds together.

Our rules allow where there’s a multiple choice we all choose a different answer, to which we’re guaranteed to get it right but also have the benefit of same wrong answer bonus if the contestant gets it wrong. We’re also allowed to average the years shouted out to get the right answer.

There’s also bonus points of various amounts usually in the 30point+ mark awarded for giving a correct answer before the question, and for guessing a correct question on the bonus topic.

But we didn’t need it today – well done Team Power Inspired!

@BBCRadio2 @kenbruce #popmaster

New AC Power ReGenerator – AG1500S

AG1500S LCD Display

The AG1500S ReGenerator- What’s in a letter?

AG1500S AC Power ReGenerator

Due to be released in June the new AG1500S AC ReGenerator has built upon the success of the previous AG1500 model with some major upgrades. So what difference does that extra letter make?

Selectable Voltage

AG1500S LCD DisplayPrevious ReGenerator units have had a fixed output voltage and frequency. For those travelling to places which operated on a 60Hz frequency this required a factory adjustment. The unit was suitable for either 50 or 60Hz but not both.

The new AG1500S auto detects the frequency and adjusts itself automagically, allowing for the unit to be operated in any area.

As well as the frequency improvement, the output voltage can now be adjusted. The AG1500S can be set to output 208V, 220V, 230V or 240V, via the LCD panel, depending upon your requirements. Note as with the previous model the output voltage is fixed and unwavering.


Sine Wave

The earlier models were sine wave too of course with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of under 3% and typically 2%. THD is simply a measure of how far away the output is from a pure sine wave, the lower the number the better. Anything lower than 8% can be called sine-wave.

The AG1500S has a THD of 2% and typically is 1%. This may seem a small change but it registers a substantial improvement in power quality. So much so, that our beta testers have said they thought the AG1500 was good, but the AG1500S is so much better.

Smart Fan Speed

fans spinning on ag1500s ac regeneratorFan speed is problematic of course as it generates noise. The standard way for fan speed control is to have the fan speed controlled by the amount of load the unit is delivering. However this leads to unnecessary increase in fan noise especially in audio environments where the load is not constant but rather has sharp peaks of demand. This is why we introduced a control mechanism in the original AG units, allowing you to set the fan speed depending upon your own set up and requirements. However, this can lead to the unit overheating and tripping out if set too low.

We’ve devised a novel way of controlling the fan speed with the speed adjusted automagically to the unit needs. If it’s getting hot the fans will speed up and slow down again when it cools. This way your ReGen won’t unexpectedly cut out and scream at you. Another feature we put in is that on power up the fans will ramp up to full speed for a few seconds and then revert to the appropriate setting. This way you can be confident that the fan circuitry is in good order – and if it isn’t the fans are defaulted to run at full speed so the unit can be used until a service can be arranged.

Super Cool

What’s more the unit efficiency has been improved to a remarkable 93% peak – which means the unit doesn’t generate as much heat in any case. In our lab tests, even running at a constant full load the fan noise was minimal. This high efficiency means the unit costs less to run as well as not pumping as much hot air into what may be an already warm environment.


AG1500S REar Panel


A big change from the AG1500 is the changeover to IEC socket outlets. Some liked the national socket outlet on the AG1500 but others found that this required the use of extension blocks as one socket wasn’t enough. So we’ve now got six of the IEC 10A socket outlets and one of the high current 16A outlets. The unit comes with a rewireable 16A plug allowing you to rewire your main cable. This of course means that there are no fuses in the output stages which we know is of importance to some users.

There’s also now a much smaller battery connection port to allow the connection of a separate battery pack. For those of you with existing ReGen battery packs please note the battery voltage is different and so they can not be interchanged (plus you would need to get a different cable adaptor).


We’re delighted with the performance of the AG1500S ReGenerator in our lab bench tests. The unit functionality, performance and robustness have all been put to the test and has come out with flying colours. We’ve had the unit out on test with a number of eager audiophiles who have reported extremely positive results using the AG1500S:

  •  “Overall it is a very well conceived unit and one that I certainly would recommend“,
  • This unit has made a significant difference, please put me on the list for a new one when released“,
  • So far I am confident the new unit is an improvement, it sounds cleaner at both ends of the spectrum, more dynamic and with a wider and deeper soundstage. The HF are smoother and more extended, the bass extends lower too and is tighter. Compared to my TX it is relatively close

We’ve currently got the demo unit out on review with a well known HiFi mag, so we’ll keep you updated with the results of that when it’s in.

Incidentally, the last comment above refers to our TX unit. Now this is not a ReGen but one of our isolated UPS Systems. The reviewer of the AG1500S said the TX was an improvement over the AG1500, but the AG1500S was close. Now the TX series is not quiet and not suitable for anything other than professional AV applications with a separate equipment room, so if you’re in this market the TX series may be an alternative for you.

The new AG1500S will have a retail price of £599 including VAT, delivered. I’ll let you into a secret though, since we’re 10 years old this year we’ve a promotion running  – get 10% off the AG1500S by using the discount code “10years” when asked in the order process. The code is valid until the end of August. Click for the AG1500S Webstore Page or to download the brochure.

Great savings on the MAXICs!

maxic special offer

Our MAXICs are the perfect solution for off-grid applications where long runtimes are required. A built in solar charger allows you to attach the unit to a solar array to recharge the battery instead of using utility power. It ‘s a truly multi-functional inverter/charger which combines the functions of an inverter, a solar charger and a battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support to your load.

Available in 1KVA and 5KVA ratings, our MAXICs are manufactured to CE standards in state-of-the-art ISO9000/14000 factories.

Read our article about cost vs. quality of inverter chargers on the market here.

Don’t miss out on this huge saving and order your bargain MAXIC from our webstore here.

*Free delivery to standard postcodes, next working day- we’ll provide a 1 hour slot. While stock lasts.

10 Years!

Celebrating 10 years

Wow. I’m proud to say that Power Inspired Ltd is celebrating its 10th year in business! Did you know that only 30% of businesses make it to 10 years and that figure falls to only 9% for businesses with fewer than 20 employees?

It’s been a challenging decade with some highs and lows, but thankfully with more highs. I’d like to thank our team of dedicated staff both those who are still with us and those that helped us on our way, our responsive and willing suppliers who’ve helped us create novel and unique products and finally to our loyal customers, to without whom it could never have happened.

We’ve come a long way that we’re unrecognisable from our humble beginnings but one thing that hasn’t changed is the culture of our business. Our mission has always been to educate our customers to make the right power protection solution at the right price. We’ve always done that and will continue to do so.

Once again, thanks to you all.


Price Changes

Power Inspired have always sought to offer the best value power protection solutions. As well as our own internal production we have products and materials manufactured abroad which are paid for in US Dollars. GBP USD

In order to maintain consistency of pricing, we work on a system that sets a fixed exchange rate for the year. Sometimes the rate falls below this and sometimes it is above. However, in the last 12 months the uncertainty surrounding the referendum campaign followed by the Brexit vote itself has resulted in a substantial weakening of the pound against the dollar.

Over a year ago £1 would buy around $1.56. Today £1 buys you $1.20. This means that our products are 30% more expensive to produce than they were this time last year.

We have monitored the exchange rate of course and have not made knee jerk reactions to currency fluctuations, and we have been listening to our analysts advice on the timing of currency dealings. However, as we are in the process of investing in new stock it is not possible for us to absorb such a large increase in costs and have no option but to increase the majority of our prices although we have tried to minimise the increase as far as we can.

Of course nobody likes to have to pay more, but I believe that despite the price increase our products still represent great value and of course backed up with the service and support you’ve come to expect from Power Inspired.

Our account customers will be issued with the new price list shortly.

Thank you for your continued business.

Tony Bell
Oct 2016