Engineered UPS Solutions

Whatever your UPS application, here at Power Inspired we’re sure to have a solution for you. Most requirements can be fulfilled with one of our off-the-shelf products however some requirements may involve an engineered UPS solution. This is where our expertise in Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Protection and Power Distribution comes to the fore.

We’ve produced custom products such as

  • Bespoke isolation transformers to work hand in hand with a UPS and power distribution unit.
  • Outdoor UPS systems designed for extremes of temperature in self contained lockable steel cabinets complete with a high capacity battery bank, DC power output and integral cooling fan
  • Power Distribution Units with Fused Down Circuits and lockable plug / sockets for distributing power from a high capacity UPS to individual loads and supplied with custom cable assemblies.
  • High capacity DC UPS systems for long runtime solutions for tablet devices.

In addition, we also can provide tailor-made sub assemblies and services for our off the shelf systems. This includes:

  • Fitting of network or relay cards
  • Preconfiguring settings
  • Custom cable arrangements
  • Specialist Leads

All designed so that your installer can take the unit out of the box and have everything they require to get your system up and running.

Please contact us to discuss your engineered UPS solution.