TX Isolated UPS Systems

TX Series Isolated UPS Systems

All The Benefits of Online Double Conversion UPS, with input Isolation Transformer. Delivers Clean, Fully Conditioned Power, free from noise, voltage spikes and common mode disturbances.

  • Product Range 1-10KVA (6&10 Parallel Capable)
  • Supreme level of power protection against surges, spikes.
  • True isolation, removes earth leakage and reduces risk of shock
  • True online double conversion topology
  • Microprocessor controlled high reliability design
  • Programmable output voltage
  • High Power Factor minimising overload risk.
  • Wide input voltage 110-230V
  • Frequency Conversion
  • ECO mode for energy saving
  • Generator compatible
  • SNMP option
  • Programmable outlets on pluggable units to ensure critical loads afforded most runtime.
  • Over temperature protection and alarm
  • Automatic Battery Test
  • User friendly comprehensive LCD
  • Input Power Factor Correction
  • Emergency Power Off Function
  • Available with bespoke power distribution and cable sets
  • CE marked, certified to EN60240

Five Year Warranty on Electronics, 2 years on battery.

Industry leading warranty


Model Feature Summary

Output Voltage Setting200/208/220/230/240208/220/230/240
Frequency Conversion Mode✔ 50/60Hz input – 50 or 60Hz fixed output
ECO mode
High Efficiency Mode with Adjustable Limits
Selectable Bypass
Allows internal byass to be enabled or disabled
Programmable Outlet
Allows outlets to be active only for set period when on battery.
Hardwired Unit
Autonomy Limitation
Adjustable Charge Current
Adjustable Charge Voltage✔ Float/Boost


Online Double Conversion Topology Benefits

VFI No Break

No Break Output
Pure stable Output Voltage

Pure Sine Wave
Extended Runtimes

Extended Run Capability
Fixed Output Voltage

Fixed Output Voltage
Wide input voltage window

Wide Input Voltage Window
Frequency Conversion

Frequency Conversion


Input Isolation Transformer Benefits
Isolation Transformer

  • Removes Noise.
    Common Mode Noise is a phenomenon that can affect the correct operation of electronic systems. Conventional online UPS do not eliminate common mode noise as the neutral conductor is tied through from input to output. Note that noise is a form of a high frequency voltage and a voltage has to appear between two points, and in this case, this is between neutral and earth. The use of an isolation transformer creates a new secondary voltage supply which is, by definition, isolated from the input. Therefore any noise between the input Neutral and Earth, cannot exist between the output neutral and earth and is, therefore, effectively blocked from affecting the load.
  • Added Safety.
    The use of an isolation transformer will stop upstream residual current devices from working. This is because any leakage current paths will be contained in the secondary of the transformer.Clearly, in instances where an RCD has been deemed necessary then it is essential to maintain electrical safety downstream of the transformer. Some of our competitors bond the neutral and earth on their transformers and this is exactly what you should not do.Our transformers are truly floating which prevents the risk of electric shock.
  • No Regulation Issues
    All transformers have a property called regulation. This is the difference in percentage terms of the output of the transformer under no load conditions, to the output of the transformer under full load conditions. Under no load, the output voltage is higher than when under full load and the amount of which depends upon the quality of the transformer and the design characteristics.When, as is the case with some of our competitors, the transformer is on the output, the voltage can seem quite high when measured on no load or low load conditions. Equally, when surges of power are taken by the load, the output voltage can fall causing under voltage problems with the load.Our isolation transformer is on the input, meaning that the UPS inverter directly connects with the load ensuring that the voltage seen is always the same, regardless of the load characteristics. Note that on non-online double conversion systems, such as line interactive, voltage regulation issues are exacerbated.

Ease of Installation
UPS Pallet with Ramp

  • Ramps and Wheels
    3KVA and above have ramps and wheels to ensure positioning the unit is as effortless as possible.
  • Small Footprint
    The units are as compact as possible, occupying far less space than competitive isolated products.
  • Hardwired Units Can be Pre-Wired
    You don’t need an electrician to wire the UPS. We can provide the 6&10KVAs with pre-wired leads and industrial plugs and couplers. What’s more, we can derate systems, for example, to wire 16A circuits into the 6KVA UPS.
  • Custom Cable Assemblies and Power Distribution
    We can provide Power Distribution Units (PDU) and bespoke cable kits, so when your engineer turns up on site she has everything to hand.

External Battery Cabs

The available runtime can be extended with the addition of external battery cabs. Due to weight, each cab is on wheels. Whilst some cabs are simply battery, others do contain built in chargers. 

Suitable ForNet Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)