iPower-Mini Complements DC UPS Series

Power Inspired have complemented their range of DC UPS for broadband applications with the launch of the iPower-Mini. The small unobtrusive device sits between your existing DC power supply and the load to provide typically well over an hour of backup. This allows access to telecommunications for vulnerable people especially important these days as landline calls are now being phased out.

The unit features an auto-sense 9V or 12V output and an impressive 24W capacity. It contains a dual 3.7V 2500mAh 18650 battery (18.5Wh) giving over 30 minutes at full load (24W) and well over an hour 1 at 12W. A typical 12W 1A router should see backup times in excessive of 2 hours.

Which iPower Do I need?

Power Inspired have 3 iPower models in their range, all contains certified Lithium batteries with full protection circuitry.


The iPower-H replaces the existing power supply providing an extremely simple solution for 12V 1A applications.

The internal 12.4Wh battery provides typically 1hr backup. The unit is fitted with a 2m lead to allow connections that need not be directly adjacent to the load. In addition to which the sprung connector makes it suitable for both 2.1mm and 2.5mm input jacks.

The iPower-H is simple in operation with auto-start, cold-start and a single LED giving device status – ready (solid Green), charging (slow flashing Green), discharging/low battery (quick flashing Green) and fault (Red).

The iPower-H is ideal for bundling with the device to be protected saving on the cost of purchasing the power supply. The unit also contains built in AC surge diverters for added power protection.

Unlike the other iPower models the iPower-H can have the battery replaced without opening the unit.


The iPower-Mini is ideal where you have an existing power supply and you need to add backup for a single 9V or 12V application.

The internal 18.5Wh battery gives typically 2hrs backup for a 12V 1A router.

Simple to use simply plug the existing power supply into the iPower-Mini and the output lead into the device to be protected. The unit is designed to sit adjacent to the load being protected and can be wall mounted via the rear keyhole slot.

The three LEDs give indication of set voltage (Red for 9V and Green for 12V) if the unit is running on battery power (Orange LED) and if the battery is running low (flashing orange). The charge indicator (Green) flashes when charging and is solid to indicate fully charged.

Due to the auto-sense function the iPower-Mini cannot be cold started.


The iPower-DC2 is a selectable 9V/12V or 24V system with a huge 30W capacity making it suitable for powering multiple devices, including USB powered.

It can be utilised with an existing power supply or bundled with a suitable device (typically bundled with a 12V 3A PSU) and allows battery backup protection for both the ONTs and the hub in a typical fibre broadband installation.

Various output cables can be provided to match the individual installer requirements, with the unit either sitting on a shelf or alternatively DIN rail mounted using an optional accessory.

The large 37Wh battery provides many hours backup for the majority of devices – the 1hr regulatory requirement is met at 25W.

Front LEDS give indication of set voltage (Red / Blue or Purple) and 4 Green LEDS show battery charge / discharge status.

There are 5 output DC jacks and a USB port for connection of multiple devices.

The iPower-DC2 auto starts and can be cold started (since the output voltage is manually set).

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