ups system knowledge base


ups selection guide

10 Point Guide to UPS Selection

This 10 point guide to UPS Selection guides you through almost everything you need to know to make your ideal UPS choice.

UPS Explained

An explanation of the building blocks of UPS and the different UPS topologies.

how to calculate ups power requirement

How to Calculate UPS Power Requirement

How to establish the load of connected equipment and make sure your UPS is adequately sized for the application.

How to deal with power problems / virus

Power Viruses & How to Solve Them

There are 9 recognised Power Quality Problems or Viruses. Here we look at what they are and how we can protect against them.

USB UPS Human Interface Device

UPS HID USB Interface

A UPS with a HID (“Human Interface Device”) USB interface is able to communicate directly with your operating system. We explain what this means here.


UPS Runtime

Beware of misleading runtime information! Runtime is a factor of battery capacity and load level only. Here we explain.

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