Lithium-Ion UPS vs VRLA UPS

Lithium-Ion UPS vs VRLA UPS

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Our Lithium Ion UPS range is an impressive series of UPSs with internal Lithium Ion batteries, that make the units efficient, lightweight and more environment friendly. They also reduce the whole life costs of the UPSs. We have conducted some tests to show you how the Lithium-Ion UPS compares to the VRLA UPS in terms of runtime.

Each unit is connected to 1800W load. The Lithium UPS battery capacity is 48V 9.9Ah = 475VAh. The VRLA UPS battery capacity is 72V 9Ah = 648VAh. Although the Lithium UPS has only 75% of VRLA UPSs battery capacity, the runtime results are outstanding! See the video below:

We provide 5-year warranty on the Lithium-Ion UPS systems including the batteries.
Lithium-Ion UPS only from Power Inspired. Learn more at and register your interest.

Lithium-Ion UPS

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