Natural Disaster Survival Kit

Natural Disaster Survival Kit

Severe weather conditions and natural disasters are more of a threat in certain geographical areas than others. You need to be prepared if you live in a high risk area. It is recommended that you have an Emergency Supply Kit ready for when severe weather strikes.
A separate kit for home, work and for your vehicle is a good idea

Priority items are:


1. Water and food

tinned food You should have sufficient supplies of water and long-life foods. Stock 4 litres of water per person per day with supplies for three days for evacuation. You should hold 2 week worth of supplies at home and sufficient amount of food for the same period of time. Don’t forget to have the appropriate supply of pet food and of course water is also essential.



2. Important medications

You should have at least one week’s supply of prescription medications and common meditations such as pain killers, antiacids etc. Your survival kit should also include a first-aid kit.



3. Documents

important documents
You should have copies of personal documents including birth certificates, passports, medication lists, medical records, insurance and bank policies etc. in a waterproof container ready to be taken with you during evacuation.




4. Personal hygiene items

including soap, tooth brushes and toothpaste, towels, deodorant and other essential items.






5. Electronicsmobile

Your emergency supply kit should also include your mobile phone, chargers, battery backup, battery-powered radio, extra batteries and a contingency power supply solution for operating any medical equipment that is used regularly.











7. Other essentialsflashlight

Blankets, flashlight & spare batteries, multipurpose tools and maps should also be included in your emergency supply kits.





You may also want to include:

  1. Whistle, dust mask, glasses and contact lenses
  2. Sleeping bags for each person
  3. Paper plates, cups, plastic containers
  4. Water cleansing drops, matches
  5. Fire extinguisher
  6. Spare clothes and sturdy shoes
  7. Baby formula, nappies, bottles etc.


When a disaster strikes it is never pleasant but with the emergency supply kit you will feel more comfortable and at ease knowing you are prepared for any scenario.

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