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We have one of the most comprehensive single phase product lines of any UPS manufacturer. From standard off the shelf systems to products for specialist and bespoke applications.

TX Dual Input Isolated UPS System
International Voltage & Frequency Compatibility The TX-D Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies are suitable for equipment requiring 230V nominal voltage but requiring to be powered from any international single phase power source from 100 – 240V nominal. The unit defaults to matching input frequency on output but can be set for frequency conversion mode if required, […]
VIX Series UPS Systems – Line Interactive Square Wave
Line Interactive Square Wave UPS Systems. 650VA - 2KVA. Tower Format. USB Comms.
VIS UPS Systems – Line Interactive Sine Wave
Line Interactive UPS Systems with sine wave inverters. Silent in normal operation. VIS-B series freestanding 1&2KVA. VIS-RT, Rack/Tower Models, HID interface, SNMP/Relay Port, adjustable nominal voltage 1.1-5KVA
VFI-RT+ UPS Systems
Online Double Conversion UPS. 2U Rack/Tower. Internal Hotswap batteries. High Capacity Adjustable Charger. Matching Hotswap battery cabs. HID compliant USB, EPO Port, Programmable Outlets. 1-6KVA
The Power Inspired EZ UPS Systems. 3phase 15 - 30 KVA systems. With internal batteries, small footprint, touch screen display and green burn in function.
Lithium Battery (KR Series) UPS Systems
Online Double Conversion Rack / Tower UPS Systems with internal Lithium Ion Battery. 1-3KVA
iPower DC UPS System
12Vdc UPS with built in BS1363 plug. 2100mA rated (25W total). Cold start capability. For NTE, router, modem, CCTV, GPON etc.
Specialist UPS Systems
Our range of Specialist UPS Systems have been developed for non standard applications where off the shelf UPS can’t be used.
Power Distribution
Products to distribute power from the UPS to the load. Includes bypass and automagic transfer switches.
Archived Products
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