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AG Series AC ReGenerator Reviews

The AG Series was launched through the HiFi Wigwam forum. The nice people on there were happy to tell of their experiences and gave us these ReGenerator Reviews:

Does exactly what it says on the tin. i.e. put out a pretty constant 230v. Fan noise is zero (now that I’ve turned down the speed a bit). My incoming mains is showing on the high side (average around 250v so far). So the unit is working its magic and putting out 230v to my system (all the time).

My amp’s trannies have suffered from hum/buzz since Ive owned it. Now almost silent being fed by the regen unit. I had previously tried a number of mains filters (which include DC blockers) but never silenced the amp until now. So from the readings showing thus far my guess that it was high mains voltage causing the trannies to sing away sometimes. Highly recommended!

If I was put on the spot right now and asked what was the best hifi bargain EVER in my own system………………I would probably pick this regen unit.

….. results are positive. Inky black and smooth are 2 words that spring to mind. Can watch fluctuations on computer too!

How does it sound? It’s stunning…opened up the sound stage and a more 3d sound.

…. the most notable improvements are the extra seperation between instruments, added depth and width, and treble sparkle (not bright) particularly with percussive sounds. …. an excellent product thoroughly recommended.

Got my AG1500 today. Tried it first just on the power amp. Not a big difference. Then plugged the rest of the system in. WOW. Big upgrade. Tighter and more focused sound with a larger scale. Money well spent ….

I have a rather nice, stupid money, system. My AG1500 has just arrived and been plugged in. I swear that I can hear a difference; better highs, more separation, more air. I unplugged it and listened again then replugged it I am confident that that the music has improved. This is a complete no brainer.

The sound is amazingly clean and open now and the picture on the plasma is deeper, sharper and natural. I think the biggest thing for me tho is the input has never dropped below 240v and has risen to 249 and the output is always 230 so for that alone and the clean power this is a god send.

One thing that could be advertised better is the USB connection and the logging. Very useful.

This is one thing I will never be without in my system as it protects and cleans the power and has replaced a whole raft of Isotek products. Sold those and that more than covered the cost of the AC regenerator

I am genuinely hearing deeper, better defined bass along with a more tonally accurate mid-range and a soundstage that appears to have expanded in all directions. I don’t know what the difference is compared to the 3KV UPS other than having half the rated output plus no batteries but I do know it’s probably the most cost effective upgrade that I have made.

I maintain that having a stable and correct mains supply is essential to get the best out of any system and for the longevity of all electronics. So my advice to anyone would be to start with a regenerator in your system and any piece of kit that you add will always work at its best, that’s my take on it anyhoo.

It might not work to the same extent for everyone, possibly dependent on your mains supply but I know I now couldn’t listen without one. A true bargain in my estimation.

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