AG1500 Review – Dave I

NU VISTA 800 Amplifier

Dave I wrote: I’m currently running a hi fi system with a DAC,turntable,streamer,cd player and phono pre-amp which are all low power requirements. However the amp is a Musical Fidelity Nuvista 800 at 300 watts per channel. Will this unit provide enough current at higher listening levels? I’m using an Isol8 axis dc blocking plugboard which is certainly an improvement but my mains is pretty variable in quality.


Recommended the AG1500:

The AG1500 I purchased from yourselves has transformed the sound of my system and I was using good quality mains filtering previously.  A great product at a very reasonable price. Almost inaudible in my listening room with the fan adjusted-the fridge in the adjoining kitchen is louder! It has completely eradicated the problems I had with a poor to ordinary domestic mains supply.