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iPower DC UPS System

The iPower is a plug-in DC UPS system. It simply replaces your existing 12Vdc power supply. In the event of a power cut the iPower will maintain power through the internal battery keeping your load running.

Suitable for use on any 12V application with a peak demand under 25W. Typical devices include modems, routers, CCTV and DC powered control or access panels, with average running current of around 1A (12W).


The unit has one multi-coloured LED indicator and one button and is therefore simple to use. iPowers manufactured after April 2017 (2nd Generation) can be “cold started”. This means that even with no mains power present they can be started up to provide DC power. Simply press and hold the  “ON” button for 5 seconds. 2nd Generation models have “ON/OFF” next to the switch whereas earlier models only have “OFF”.

When plugged in, the unit will automagically start up (just like a normal DC power supply) to connect to your system. The green LED will flash slowly when charging, or will be constantly illuminated when fully charged. When unplugged or mains fails, the unit will seamlessly run from battery power and the green LED will flash quickly. There is no audible alarm so the unit can be used in quiet environments. In the event of a fault the LED indicator will be red.

To switch off, unplug the iPower and press the button for 5 seconds, or until the green LED goes out.


The unit is small and compact and replaces the existing “wall-wart” power supply, thereby taking no additional space. Connection to the load is by means of a long 2m lead so the unit doesn’t have to be right next to the load. The DC jack provided will fit into either 2.1mm or 2.5mm jack connections. If this is unsuitable an adapter kit can be purchased separately.

The Lithium battery used is the tried and tested 18650 design, protected from over charge and discharge by the in-built microprocessor. Overload and short circuit protection are also provided, with auto-restart when the overload is removed.

Built in surge suppression removes the need for a separate TVSS device.

How To Buy

The iPower DC UPS System is available to purchase individually from our online store, or available for bulk purchase. Contact us for details.

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