The Power Inspired iPowers are a range of DC output Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) designed to provide extended autonomy for primarily IT, Security and Telecoms equipment. All have Lithium battery capable of providing over one hour battery back up times to allow OFCOM regulatory requirements to met for all but the highest of load requirements. Optical Network Termination Units, Routers & Modems, Internet Gateway Hubs, Door Access Panels, CCTV cameras and more are ideal candidates for iPower DC UPS battery backup protection.

Depending upon the model, the units are either AC/DC or DC/DC in/out. In the event of DC/DC the existing equipment adapter can be utilised or an alternative sourced.

All products are fully CE and UKCA compliant, with built in Lithium battery protection circuitry for peace of mind.

The iPower DC UPS are silent in operation. There are no audible alarms or cooling fans.

iPower DC UPS Models


The iPower-H is an AC/DC plug in unit that replaces the existing “wall wart” power supply thereby taking up no extra installation space. The single 3350mAh battery provides up to an hour back up for low powered routers operating from 12Vdc. The unit is fitted with a fixed 2m cord that has a unique spring loaded DC jack connector that mates with both 2.1mm and 2.5mm DC input jacks. The unit is rated at 1A continuous but will allow operation up to 2.1A.

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iPower-DC2. DC UPS for OFCOM Vulnerable Person battery backup broadband requirements


The iPower-DC2 is a DC/DC unit featuring a large 10,000mAh battery, 30W capacity, 10W USB output and 5x DC outputs of either 9,12 or 24Vdc – selectable. The unit can be DIN rail mounted with an optional bracket for added mounting convenience. This unit provides a minimum of 30 minutes runtime at full load, over 90 minutes at 20W, over 3hours at 10W and over 6hours at 5W.

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