GATEWAY – On Demand AC Power for Door Access Applications

Product Range Specialist UPS Systems GATEWAY – On Demand AC Power for Door Access Applications

A UPS system is designed to provide uninterrupted power. In door access applications, uninterrupted power is not always what is required. What is required is having power on demand when it is needed. This is what the GATEWAY provides.


When power fails (or is intentionally switched off) a UPS will revert to battery operation. In this event, if a door motor is not being utilised, the UPS will have a low battery drain and will remain active for several hours or until the power is restored. If power is not restored the batteries will become discharged and the UPS will switch off. The unit will not be ready for use until power has been restored and the unit has had sufficient time to recharge. In some circumstances, allowing batteries to slowly drain and being left in a discharged state will cause the batteries to become over discharged. This means that in a lot of cases, the UPS will not start up even when power is returned. This of course can prevent access to the building.

The GATEWAY overcomes this drawback by being activated when needed, instead becoming an on demand power source, rather than a UPS. This allows an installation to be without power for weeks or even months, and the GATEWAY will still be ready to go.

What’s more the output from the GATEWAY is a pure sine wave. When in normal mode, e.g. with mains power being present the unit will provide the utility power to the output. If no utility power is present, the GATEWAY inverter will provide a sine wave output which is suitable for all door motors.


The GATEWAY comes in several models, the correct choice of which depends upon your application.

Firstly, there is the choice of 700W or 1400W models. This will depend on the power of the door motor being supplied.

Secondly, each model can be fitted with an internal bypass relay. The internal bypass relay is designed so that if AC utility power is present, this will always be presented to the load. This means that AC power will be available at all times. In the event of a fault with the GATEWAY that prevents it starting this ensures that you won’t have the issue of not being able to open a door due to a faulty UPS.

Thirdly there is the option of having the unit to be compatible with the Link Controls controller. This is equivalent to the “UPS with Sleep Function”. This model utilises an RJ11 connector on the rear of the unit for connection to the controller. This provides a +24Vdc supply for the controller circuit and for the activate signal.

Alternatively, the GATEWAY utilises connectors on the rear panel. These are a +12Vdc protected output for connection to a relay control, the trigger switch and an activation switch. The activation connector is to prevent the UPS discharging during periods of being unused (such as in storage). When the activation contacts are broken the output 12V is disabled. The unit can be started by means of a momentary connection on the trigger terminals. This starts the unit up and it will provide power for a period of 2 minutes and then switch off again. If the trigger is left connected, the unit will remain switched on.

Model Numbers


Model Power Terminal Block DC Output Voltage Function Bypass
GW700-2B 700W VH 12Vdc Trigger, Activation Yes
GW1400-2B 1400W
GW700-2C 700W VH 12Vdc Trigger, Activation No
GW1400-2C 1400W
GW700-2S 700W RJ11 24Vdc Sleep Mode No
GW1400-2S 1400W
GW700-2SB 700W RJ11 24Vdc Sleep Mode Yes
GW1400-2SB 1400W


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