VFI1000QS Silent UPS System

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Perfect Sound Needs Perfect Power!

The VFI1000QS provides a high quality stable output voltage waveform. Utilising Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) topology the output is fixed and unwavering regardless of the input mains voltage status. In addition protection is provided against the 9 recognised power quality problems.

Advanced Speed Control

The key with the VFI1000QS is that not only does it provide the power protection of a professional grade UPS, it does so with the absolute minimum of noise. The Power Inspired ASC fan speed architecture only ramps up fan speed when conditions warrant it. At low loads and temperatures the fans are practically inaudible making the VFI1000Qs suitable for any application where noise is an issue.

The rear panel consists of an IEC C20 input and two national (UK or Schuko) outlets. One outlet is programmable to shut off a set time after the unit enters battery mode. The other outlet will always have power as long as the unit is online. The VFI1000QS has an autonomy limitation setting which will switch off the unit after a set time on battery. This allows connected loads to be powered down in sequence (but not powered up in sequence).

An “intelligent” port is provided for the connection of an SNMP or relay cards. SNMP allows the unit to be monitored over a network and a relay allows connection to a remote alarm such as in Building Management Systems.

The VFI1000QS can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Rack ears are provided in order to locate within a 19inch rack, plus vertical support brackets. The LCD can also be physically rotated for optimum viewing.

vfi1000qs lcd

The LCD provided at a glance status of load and battery level, a graphical representation of power flow and UPS parameters. The LCD also allows the unit to be configured, including output voltage and frequency selection.

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