TX Isolated UPS Systems

Product Range TX Isolated UPS Systems

All The Benefits of Online Double Conversion UPS, with input Isolation Transformer. Delivers Clean, Fully Conditioned Power, free from noise, voltage spikes and common mode disturbances.

Five Year Warranty on Electronics, 2 years on battery.

Industry leading warranty

Model Feature Summary

Output Voltage Setting200/208/220/230/240208/220/230/240
Frequency Conversion Mode
50/60Hz input – 50 or 60Hz fixed output
ECO mode
High Efficiency Mode with Adjustable Limits
Selectable Bypass
Allows internal byass to be enabled or disabled
Programmable Outlet
Allows outlets to be active only for set period when on battery.
Hardwired Unit
Autonomy Limitation
Adjustable Charge Current
Adjustable Charge Voltage✔ Float/Boost


Online Double Conversion Topology Benefits

VFI No Break

No Break Output

There is no break in the output voltage when transitioning from mains power to battery power or vice-versa.

Pure stable Output Voltage

Pure Sine Wave

The high frequency PWM inverter produces an output waveform of the highest quality, free from distortions or harmonics

Extended Runtimes

Extended Runtime

Being online the unit is designed to work from inverter at all times. Coupled with built in high capacity charger allows the TX to operate for extended periods on battery power alone.

Fixed Output Voltage

Fixed Output Voltage

Not only is the output voltage fixed and unmoving, it can be set from 208 to 240V for voltage sensitive applications or to reduce power consumption.

Wide input voltage window

Wide Input Voltage Window

The TX series can operate on voltages as low as 130V and as high as 300V without reverting to battery power, thereby extending battery life in areas with poor power regulation.

Frequency Conversion

Frequency Conversion

The TX Series can be set to output 50Hz or 60Hz regardless of the input frequency to allow the unit to power equipment designed for different frequencies.


Input Isolation Transformer Benefits

Ease of Installation

External Battery Cabs

The available runtime can be extended with the addition of external battery cabs. Due to weight, each cab is on wheels. Whilst some cabs are simply battery, others do contain built in chargers. 

Suitable ForNet Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)

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