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The VFI-RT+ series offer the latest in UPS technology. Highly efficient, these UPS systems are rack/tower mount, HID* compliant and feature internal batteries but include a high capacity adjustable internal charger. The charger can be set according to how many external battery packs are connected.
Available in 1.5KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA & 10KVA models.

*1.5 & 3KVA models.

Product Features

High Capacity Charger

Standard UPS contain a 1A charger, suitable for charging its own internal battery string, usually 7Ah or 9Ah capacity. Full charge will take around 12 hours. Default charge on the VFI-RT+ units is 2A, allowing the internal batteries to be charged in half the time. For longer runtime applications with the addition of external batteries, standard UPS may take several days or more crucially might not fully recharge an external battery. The VFI-RT+ has an internal charger capable of delivery 8A (3KVA) and 12A (1.5KVA) allowing true fast recharge for high capacity batteries in long runtime applications. The 6 & 10KVAs have a 4A charger.

Configurable Format

The VFI-RT+ can be mounted horizontally in a 19″ rack, or vertically standing with the supplied vertical support brackets. Extenders are provided for any matching battery cabs. The LCD will rotate allowing for ease of viewing of UPS status. The LCD is also used for adjusting UPS parameters. These include:

More settings are available, please refer to product manual.

Hot Swap Battery Tray

The unit is capable of having the batteries simply replaced. The front panel is unclipped, the connector disconnected and the battery tray removed. This allows rapid exchange of batteries with zero downtime for the load. The matching battery cabs also share this feature.



Programmable Outlets. If set, these outputs will shut off after a pre-programmed time after the unit reverts to battery operation. Recommended for non-essential equipment.
Output Receptacles. Non Programmable Outlets. These will remain powered as long as the UPS is on. Recommended for critical loads.
Input Receptacle. IEC inputs, C14 on VFI1500RT+ and C20 on the VFI3000RT+
Network Surge Protection. RJ45 connector which provides protection against “backdoor” surge events. You can also connect RJ11 modem/telecom leads.
HID Compliant USB Port. Used for communication with a computer. HID compliance means the UPS will communicate directly with the power management protocol of the attached computer operating system.
RS232 Interface. Legacy support for RS232 networks or for bespoke UPS communication systems.
Intelligent Slot for Relay/SNMP. Ability to fit a network SNMP card allowing communication with the UPS over a network. Alternatively a relay card can be fitted which responds to UPS events. For example, mains fail, battery low and fault.
Emergency Power Off (EPO) Connector. When triggered the UPS will instantly shut off mains output processes. The output will be shut off and the unit will alarm constantly.
External Battery Connection. Used for connecting external battery packs to the VFI-RT+. The battery charge current can be adjusted to accommodate the additional battery cabs.

Further Info

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1.5-3kva Datasheet
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6/10KVA Datasheet
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1-3KVA Manual
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