VFI3P-T+ 3Phase Tower UPS 10-20KVA

Colour Touch Screen LCD

Allows easy observation of UPS status and full control of UPS set up and functions. A self test function is available for burning in and testing the UPS on installation without the need for load banks and a data log for examining latest UPS log files. Full set up parameters and measurements are available.

The rear panel provides communication options of USB and RS232 for connection to a local computer system. The dry contact port can be configured to provide a multitude of port options, including normal, on battery, low battery, and any fault mode, both with normally open and normally closed options. An `Intelligent Port` is provided to allow connection of a network SNMP card to allow monitoring and a degree of control of the UPS over a network.

An Emergency Power Off (EPO) port allows the unit to be shut down in the event of an emergency with connection to a normally closed EPO switch.

Connections to allow the unit to be connected to up to 4 other devices (optional) to allow n+n redundancy and increased power capacity.

An additional battery port is available, should the available runtime need to be extended.

Input, output and maintenance bypass switches are provided.

Input and Output connections are by means of a gland plate providing a professional finish and appropriate cable restraint, allowing the unit to be fitted with 3phase plug and socket connection if need be for a simple installation.

The unit is on lockable wheels, allowing the system to be simply wheeled into place and locked.

The VFI-3PT+ has an impressive 95.5% efficiency when online. This can be increased to 98.5% in ECO mode. This high efficiency is also present when on battery enhancing available runtime. The unity power factor output provides up to 25% more power than comparable systems.

Ideal for small data centres, computer rooms and analytical applications. Also suitable for three phase door motor and other similar applications due to the pure sine wave output and online double conversion (VFI) technology.

Available in the following power ratings:

VFI10K-3PT+ – 10KVA/10KW

VFI15K-3PT+ – 15KVA/15KW

VFI20K-3PT+ – 20KVA/20KW

The VFI10K-3PT+ is provided with 20 internal 12V 9Ah blocks and the VFI15K-3PT+ and VFI20K-3PT+ are provided with 32.



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