VIS UPS Systems – Line Interactive Sine Wave

Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS Systems to 2KVA. Sine Wave Inverter provides maximum application compatibility and peace of mind for critical loads.

Units contain buck and boost Automatic Voltage Regulation AVR to regulate output voltage within national limits without reverting to battery operation.

Available as the VIS-B series, free standing units, or the highly featured VIS-RT series in rack/tower format for more advanced solutions that require SNMP/Relay card or USB HID interface.

Highly effective power protection with the advantage of being silent in normal operation.


Line Interactive Sine Wave, Rack/Tower UPS Systems. Hot Swappable, Intelligent Slot, Emergency Power Off, High Efficiency UPS. 800-5KVA

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VIS-B Series UPS Systems

Power Inspired VIS Series UPS Systems are small compact Line Interactive Sine Wave units with LCD display, IEC or UK socket outlets and USB and RS232 Communications. Available in 1KVA & 2KVA models. Being Line Interactive, the units will track the input voltage and will automagically boost the voltage if it goes too low, or...

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