Product Range VIS UPS Systems – Line Interactive Sine Wave VIS-Mini

Line interactive sinewave UPS System in small footprint, featuring USB chargers, dual UK / IEC and surge only outlets, hot swap battery design, LCD display, HID compliance and battery independent design.


The VIS Mini is suitable for a wide variety of applications where protection against surges, voltage variations and short term blackouts is required. The sine wave inverter ensures maximum load compatibility. The silent operation combined with small footprint lends itself to the SoHo environment including A/V and gaming equipment. The battery independent design makes this device suitable for access environments where battery failure does not prevent unit operation.


Small Footprint

At only 99mm wide and 280mm high and depths between 288mm and 410mm (dependent on model) the VIS-Mini is unobtrusive.

USB Charger

The front panel incorporates 2 USB chargers which are also battery backed. Convenient and ideal for USB powered devices.

Battery Service

Battery Independent Design

Standard UPS Systems are normally designed so that initial power for logic circuits is derived from the batteries. This means that if the batteries are depleted there sometimes can be no way to start up the UPS to have output power – even if mains power is available.

This of course is an unacceptable situation for many applications but particularly access applications where there may be no other method of entry.

The VIS-Mini independent design ensures that the unit will continue to operate and provide power, even if the batteries are defunct.

Ease of Maintenance

When the time comes to change the battery this can be achieved simply on the VIS-Mini by unskilled personnel, saving on maintenance time and costs.

Rear Panel Configuration

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