VIX Series Line Interactive Square Wave UPS System

VIX Series UPS – Line Interactive Square Wave

The VIX Series UPS Systems are high value systems for entry level power protection.


The VI in VIX means Voltage Independent meaning the unit provides a degree of Automatic Voltage Regulation or AVR. The benefit of this is that it allows a greater input voltage swing before the unit reverts to battery operation. This increases battery life and increases uptime by preventing needless discharges.

The X in VIX means that the units are non-sine. We call them square wave, but others call them pseudo-sinewave, modified sine-wave, stepped sine-wave etc. A sine wave power supply is like you get from your normal mains supply. Electronically, a square wave is a lot easier produced and this reduces the cost of these systems when comparing to other technologies. However, this means that the VIX series should only be used for computer type power supplies.

Applications for VIX Series UPS Systems.

Any application that uses Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) are suitable for VIX series UPS. Examples are EPOS, Modems, Routers, PCs etc. It is not recommended to use them on devices that have motors or transformers, as this may cause improper operation of the load and the UPS. However please note that some motor load systems such as door applications appear to work without issue with VIX series UPS.

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