VIX3000+ UPS Systems

VIX3000+ Feature Photo

High Value Entry Level UPS Systems

The VIX3000+ Line Interactive UPS Systems are designed to provide cost effective power protection. Small and compact the VIX3000+ series provide battery backup, voltage stabilisation and surge protection for electronic systems. Ideal for desktops, EPOS, CCTV, and any application with switch mode power supply loads.

Main Features

■ 650VA / 1000VA / 2000VA Line Interactive UPS ■ Touch Screen LCD provides UPS information ■ Compact Size ■ Microprocessor control for high reliability ■ Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilisation ■ Auto restart on AC recovery ■ Off mode charging ■ Cold start Function ■ HID compliant device ■ RJ45 Network Surge Protection Port

The HID USB Interface allows modern operating systems (Windows / OS) to communicate directly with the UPS without the need for installing additional software.

The touch screen LCD displays input and output voltage, battery and load %, along with UPS status.

Rear Panel Configurations

VIX3065+, VIX3100+, VIX3200+

All products are IEC in/out. USB Interface. RJ45 Network Surge Protector. Fan only on 2KVA model and only active in abnormal modes.