KR1000RM-Li 1KVA Lithium Battery UPS

£1,719.00 +VAT

1KVA Rack / Tower UPS with internal Lithium Ion Battery. Long life and warranty.

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p>Online Double Conversion Rack/Tower UPS with internal Lithium Ion battery

Reduced Whole Life Costs over lead acid (VRLA)

  • Longer Life.

    Typical VRLA is 200-300 cycles and 3-5 year life. Li-Ion is 1000+ cycles and 10 year life, removing the need to factor in battery changes for the useful life of the system.

  • Lower Operating Costs.

    Li Ion charges quicker and more efficiently than VRLA coupled with a high efficiency UPS operating costs are reduced.

  • Smaller & Lightweight.

    The high power density of Li Ion provides much longer runtimes. Occupying only 2U in height the KR-RM-LI gives 11 minutes runtime at full load. No need for extra battery cabs.

  • 3 Year Warranty.

    The long life claims are backed up by a 3 year warranty which includes the Li-Ion battery.

  • Greener.

    Li Ion batteries have been shown to have less of an environmental impact than VRLA. No heavy metals and longevity makes Li Ion a greener alternative.

  • Higher Operating Temperature

    VRLA degrade rapidly above 30oC. The KR-RM-LI will operate up to 60oC without any negative battery performance. Protects battery investment and reduces cooling demands.

  • Online Double Conversion

    Provides the highest levels of power protection

  • Rack / Tower Convertible

    Versatile mounting options, with only 2U of rack space required.

  • International Options

    Available in both 120V and 230V versions, with each unit being 50/60Hz auto-sensing

  • SNMP & Dry Relay Contact Options

    As well as USB interface the unit can be fitted with SNMP or Relay card options.

Rear Panel


Nominal Voltage162-290V 50/60Hz
Maximum Wattage900
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm438 x 420 x 87
Weight (kg)9.0
Input ConnectionIEC C14
Output Connection6xIEC C13
Warranty3 Years

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