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VIS-B Series

This page will be updated based upon multiple and/or sensible queries we receive to our tech support team.

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What is the warranty on the VIS Series?

Please refer to the "Further Info" box on the product listing as warranty may be different depending upon the terms at time of sale.

My VIS2000B fan has activated and the output voltage is showing different to the input voltage.

The unit has entered buck or boost mode because the input voltage became too high or low. The unit will adjust the output voltage to safe levels. Note that there is hysterisis in the switching points. What this means is that if the unit entered buck mode as the input voltage became 255V for example, the return to normal mode would be at under 250V.

What are the trip points for buck and boost?

Please refer to graph below. Buck mode needs to be activated from the input voltage exceeding the activation threshold and is deactivated once the input voltage is below the release threshold. Similarly for boost mode, the input voltage needs to fall beneath the activation threshold and then be raised higher than the release threshold. Nominal Points: Buck Activate: 252V, Buck Release: 244V, Boost Activate: 206V, Boost Release: 211V Line Interactive Trip Point Graph