VFI1000QS Silent UPS System in Stock

VFI1000QS Silent UPS System in Stock

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Finally it’s here! Like most companies we’ve been caught up with not only manufacturing issues of our raw materials in our Far East factories but severe delays at the ports here in the UK. However yesterday we received our first batch of material to allow us to commence production of the VFI1000QS.

The VFI1000QS provides the highest degrees of power protection with a fully ReGenerated AC Power Waveform. This protects equipment from the recognised 9 power quality problems, backed up with a 432Wh internal battery. However, what makes this system stand out from the crowd is that it is practically inaudible, making the system suitable for high end applications that demand zero disturbances, such as Audio Visual and quiet office environments. Added features include:

  • LCD automagic power off – prevents light pollution.
  • Power Inspired’s ASC fan speed control. Fans speed up only as and when required.
  • Adjustable output voltage to set equipment to preferred nominal voltage (from 200 to 240V).
  • Frequency Conversion capability – can set to a fixed 50 or 60Hz output regardless of input frequency.
  • Intelligent Slot – allows the fitting of SNMP cards for monitoring over a network or relay cards for connection to remote alarm panels or Building Management Systems.
  • UK socket outlets for ease of connection.
  • Load shed socket to allow for prioritising on critical equipment during outage.
  • HiD compliant USB port allows the UPS to interface directly with operating system power management.
  • In-situ swappable battery tray allows for ease of servicing.
  • Extended run capability allows for adjustable charge current for connection to external battery packs for long runtime applications.
  • Can be rackmounted, sat horizontally, or vertical with the supplied support brackets.
  • 1000W continuous rating for the most demanding applications.

You can read more about the VFI1000QS here, and purchase online from our 1VA online webstore.

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